Audrey Valbuena

Hi, I'm Audrey.

I'm interested in telling human stories through journalism and design.  



I started with writing about the world around me.

Photo by Audrey Valbuena

Photo by Audrey Valbuena

Northwestern’s Waste

An exploration of Northwestern’s new Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan and how it fits with the University’s sustainability goals. I fully coded this project and helped produced its parts.

Graphic by Rachel Hawley

Graphic by Rachel Hawley

The Gentrification Generation

After graduation, where do we go? This piece explores the effect of young post-college graduates moving into less-expensive Chicago neighborhoods and how that might, in part, contribute to that area’s gentrification.


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I have since transitioned into design. 


Working with Intuit

How might we empower young professionals to take control of their emotions about homeownership? How might we integrate this into Intuit's financial technology landscape?


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My most recent work allowed me to travel abroad and practice these skills in the context of community development.



Time at Tukuy Pacha

In the summer of 2018, I had the opportunity to travel to Cochabamba, Bolivia and work with a non-governmental organization called Tukuy Pacha – the people’s land. With Tukuy Pacha, I was able to explore issues of international and community development while working to improve Tukuy Pacha’s presence within the community and online.

Working with Executive Director Julio Arze at Tukuy Pacha.

Working with Executive Director Julio Arze at Tukuy Pacha.


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